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Summer Deals

29 December 2016

We have worked hard throughout 2016, why not take a break in 2017 with us at Singa Lodge! View all our 2017 deals below. Spend your summer days lazing about on the sandy shores of the closely lo... Read more

Sundowners by the pool

21 November 2016

This summer will be a scorcher! The only way to stay cool is by staying hydrated and in the shady area of our pool. 

Visit our bar for some of the best cocktails on the south side! E... Read more

Beach Report - Singa Lodge

11 November 2016

As the days gets longer and the sun gets brighter, plans to hit the beach should be at the top of your lists when visiting PE. Singa Lodge is a few minutes walk to the pristine coastline an... Read more

Summer is here!

27 October 2016
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What will you be up to this Summer? 

We are planning our itinerary and would love for you to join us as we tour our beautiful city. Port Elizabeth has some hidden gems and ... Read more

Fun for the Whole Family

23 June 2016

Our hometown of Port Elizabeth is renowned for being one of the friendliest cities in South Africa. A bright, fresh and breezy metropolis with beaches, mountains, forests, the countryside and a ... Read more

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